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We're Trying Something New

It's three years since we made our first announcement and told the world about The Dinosaur Experience. It's been an incredible three years with ups and downs and through it all we've continued to move forward.

From our first dino (Nash) we've now expanded to having 4, Rexi, Rockie and Suzie with plans for more very soon.

It's long been our plan to put on a show where kids can come along and meet all our Dinos in one place and be encouraged to enact as we tell a story around our Dinos. We've been planning it for months and have now secured the venue, date and time.

Please consider bringing along your little Dinos fans. It going to be a fun filled time with lot's of laughter and interaction encouraged. Time is allowed at the end for you to meet your favorite characters and get photographs.

Ticket details can be found on our website here

Please support us in our latest venture, we'll do everything we can to make it worthwhile.

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