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The Dinosaur Experience in the New Orleans Saints Superdome

It's not every day you get a phone call from the New Orleans Saints! Anyone who knows Ranger Martin will know of his love for the Saints (he'll tell you its why he moved to Louisiana), so to be invited to perform in the Superdome was a dream come true. We were invited to be a part of the STEM fest event sponsored by Chevron and The New Orleans Saints. Friday afternoon we drove down and started to load in some of our stuff including our full size T rex head and two of our dinos.

The Dinosaur Experience loading T rex Skull onto a New Orleans Saints golf buggy to be transported into the superdome
Dinosaur Skull Going into the superdome

Saturday we arrived early (6am) and finished the setup, before we knew it the public had been let in and we started our shows (we'll add a video soon to our youtube page search for The Dinosaur experience).

We met so many children and had so much fun, here's a few images from our day.

Ranger Martin from the dinosaur experience putting on a show for stemfest in the superdome
The Dinosaur Experience in the superdome

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