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The Dinosaur Experience Live on Stage

So this week we pushed the comfort level again and took our dinosaurs to the big stage and so many of you guys came out to see us. I thought we'd share the story of how the whole idea came about.

About 8 months ago we were contacted about the possibility of bringing some dinosaurs to the Columbia Theatre in Hammond for their showing of the Jurassic Park movie. We discussed the possibilities and suggested we could actually put on a performance. Long story short they took a leap of faith in us. The professionalism of the whole crew at the Columbia was outstanding. They really know how to tweak and perfect every aspect to make everything seem effortless (when it really isn't).

We recorded a short promo video to help us put the word out, you can see it below.

The Dinosaur Experience is just a small family business but we have big ideas and ambitions and are constantly looking to push the envelope. We wanted the stage show to be a kid friendly experience where we could encourage kids to join in and cheer, shout and roar. From the feedback we've received we think it really worked.

It gave us an excellent opportunity to incorporate some of bigger props. When we brought on our full size T rex skull you could hear the amazement from the young paleontologists. Which got even louder when one of our rouge dinosaurs walked across stage behind me.

Brutus the carnotaurus is always a big favorite. He helped Ranger Martin follow his lifelong dream of becoming a cowboy for the evening.

At one time we needed help from some of the junior rangers to help us find one of walking T rex escapees.

Suzie one of our baby T rex's was a big favorite with her mischievous ways.

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