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A Dinosaur day at Wizard World

So this weekend we took our brand new baby T-Rex for his first public appearance at Wizard World (think comic con) in New Orleans, Louisiana. On the whole he was very well behaved but he's not quite ready to be unleashed on the public (still getting him house trained).

However he did have a great time meeting all the people and was especially interested in playing with the little children who were lining up to meet him.

While we were there we couldn't resist having a closer look at the Jurassic Park Jeep owned by Victor Portillo @projectJP12 It was really cool.

It didn't take long before the press were asking for pictures and because he's becoming a little bit of a diva he was only too happy to oblige.

We look forward to meeting some more dino fans in the near future. make sure you subscribe to our facebook page here so you can keep up tot date on where we're likely to be.

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