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The Dinosaur Experience Welcomes You

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Carnotaurus meets children at a Dinosaur birthday
Had an amazing morning at a young mans a
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We brought Nash and Rexi to Alexandria t
Brutus and Ranger Martin
Brutus at a dinosaur birthday
Brutus at a Dinosaur Birthday party
Great fun meeting everyone at the Crowle
Brutus our Carnotaurus
Coming to a daycare near you. Message us
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Who doesn't like Dinosaurs?

 ...... and that's how the initial idea started.   I mean come on, we are talking about Dinosaurs, right.
OK we get that Dinosaurs can be a little intimidating at first but rest assured "Nash" and his trainer will soon have the whole family smiling and laughing as they put on a show that appeals to the whole family.
So what are you waiting for?  Get in touch and we'll do our best to reserve your date in our busy calendar.  Book early there's no other show like this one and dates are limited.


Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own

As a parent of grand parent your child is everything in your life.  There's nothing a great parent / grand parent won't do to make their children smile.

We get it.  We're a family based business.  We've taken all the lessons learnt from our other business (Mission Inflatable) and used them to drive us to being the best we can be.

We promise we will do our best to ensure everyone (not just the kids) have an amazing, informative and FUN time that they'll be talking about and remembering for many years to come.

All those laughs and smiles are just a pho call away.  Drop us a line and we'll discuss your needs.

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The Ultimate Dino Party

Jurassic Adventures

The Dinosaur experience brings the Jurrasic experience to your door.  Whether you want the coolest kids party of your looking to attract some attention to your business there's nothing that can beat a walking roaring Dinosaur.

Our Dinosaurs are especially trained to reduce any fears little ones may have (although adults are fair game) and in no time at all they'll become the very best of friends.

The dinosaur experience will bring our trained T-Rex to your location and provide entertainment that will live long into everyones memories long after the party is over.

Don't delay we get booked very early and whilst we will work to get you what you need we operate a strict first come first served policy.

You mean the world to us

Thankyou for taking the time to visit our site, it truly means the world to us.  Let us tell you a little about our family and a little of what brought us to starting our business.

For those who know us you will not be surprised to hear that Martin (Dad) is not exactly a local.  Martin is a native of England and first visited this area in 2009 whilst following his favorite football team (The New Orleans Saints).   He fell in love with the area and started visiting as often as he could afford to watch his beloved Saints and later also the Tigers.  It was on one visit to the area that he met and fell in love with his now wife Dawn.

Dawn  (Mom)  is a well known person in the local area and has been a high school teacher at Central High school since 1999.  Dawn has served the community and their children for the last two decades. Many of her former students and their parents have become great friends and we are eternally grateful in their help in using and recommending our business.

We have two twin daughters Hannah and Rayna.

Hannah is the quiet thinker of the family who constantly inspires us with her delightful wit and ability to laugh at herself.

Rayna is the sporty one who cannot sit still, if there's a sport she wants to play it and she specializes in soccer and plays for her high school team as well as a local competitive team.

Tyler is the youngest of the family and loves to spend his time, like most of his age ,playing games on his x box and watching you tube videos.  Whilst he is the youngest don’t be surprised if he turns up to help out, those games don’t buy themselves.

Like so many of you we too suffered from devastating flood in 2016.  A destroyed home with few possessions we started rebuilding our lives.  We fortunately had insurance that covered the cost of rebuilding our home and because as a family we had carried out a lot of the demolition work ourselves we had a small surplus after the contractors had been paid.  It was with this investment we started our inflatable business (Mission Inflatable) and bought our first two water slides. The success of our waterslide business is down to our amazing customers and the hard work we put in to exceed their expectations.

It was while working at the many birthday party events we saw an opportunity to expand our business and The Dinosaur Experience was born.

As a family we are all involved to various degrees within the business and it simple wouldn’t work without the whole team pulling together.  We really appreciate your time in reading this and if we can be of any help please send us a message.  Your support is helping our family to be the best that we can be and at the same time teaching all of us the importance of hard work.

We promise we will do everything in our power to ensure you have a fantastic experience with our families business.

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